About article creation and advertisement placement

Most of the readers of “THIS IS MEDIA” are people who are interested in art, design, interior, other cultures, subcultures, etc. Introducing articles and announcements about products and services are possible for targets with a high awareness of art. We create articles based on SEO analysis and posting plans that meet the needs of our clients. We will inform you about article creation, announcement posting, and our business.


THIS IS MEDIA” is a web media that provides information on art and interiors. You can develop three-dimensional advertisements for targets with a high awareness of art, design, and interior.

Introducing the painting sales site operated by thisis thisisgallery

Thisis currently operates two painting sales sites. “This is gallery” is an art work sales platform specializing in the sale of works by art schools and young artists.

Introducing the painting sales site operated by thisis


“ART-Meter” is a site specializing in the sale of paintings for sale, which we have been operating since April 2017 after the business transfer of Tokyu Hands Co., Ltd. This site is especially favored by elderly people who have a hobby of painting, Sunday painters, and creators.

About article creation and announcement posting

Staff who are familiar with SEO are resident. Articles can be created by detailed analysis. In addition, the THIS IS MEDIA posting frame displayed on the top screens of the two sites, this is gallery and ART-Meter, will further disseminate information to users who are interested in art.

Announcement on SNS official account

In addition, information can be disseminated to more than 20,000 followers who are interested in art from thisisgallery and ART-Meter’s two official SNS accounts. In addition, we will also coordinate consultations such as banner creation and posting.

Order until article publication

1. Meeting / Consultation of PR plan on the site

2. Coverage and article creation

3. Article posted on THIS IS MEDIA (for one month)

4.Consultation about continuous posting

About publication plan and price

For details and prices of the publication plan, we will send you the materials after contacting us. We will flexibly respond to requests for various notification forms. Please feel free to contact us


For inquiries and requests for materials regarding advertising and coverage, please contact us at the email address below.


News Release

If you would like to provide information such as news releases, please send an email to the address below.


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